Music by Alex Khaskin

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0:00 1:33
Beautiful, magical, atmospheric, dreamy & tranquil piano & strings track. Soft, simple, calm, relaxing, reflective, soothing, wondrous with a slight air of melancholy, nostalgia & longing. Cinematic, dramatic, romantic, documentary
0:00 8:42
Dark thriller underscore. Slowly moving pads and rhythms, reverberant percussion, seriously deep bass notes. Impending, pensive, foreboding, tension, signs of danger and mystery.
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0:00 1:52
A dark and pounding, percussion-driven track. Pensive and nervous, good for horror, thriller, filmscore / movie. Drama and dangerous situation, extreme risk, being chased by evil or other extreme/terror state.
0:00 3:08
Mystical / Mysterious world / ethnic underscore, sound design combining Middle Eastern reed / wind instruments with ethnic percussion, ambient pads and more modern sounding bass pulse. A sense of something secret, ancient, unknown, under the surface.
0:00 1:19
A moderately sneaky, somewhat magical feeling, general background track for fantasy, fairy tales and exploration.
0:00 0:26
This is a series of scary stings that are musically implemented by using orchestra, choir and sound design. Ranging from 4 to 10 seconds
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0:00 2:53
Positive, uplifting, animated, motivated track with a sense of epic grandness & overcoming adversity. Triumphant, inspiring, atmospheric, melodic, gloriously spacious, driven & full of suspense.
0:00 0:15
Series of 10 funny loops. Great for multimedia, animation, websites, network ID's and animation. Funny, bizarre, childish, corky, quirky, whimsical, bouncy.
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0:00 1:29
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0:00 0:36
30th jazz with hip hop underscore, fun, energetic.
0:00 7:02
A sneaky and sinister underscore track with a heartbeat like rhythm. Twitchy strings, mysterious chord progressions, pensive mood. This track is quite long and it develops over time into a more intense track with more of a clear and present danger, chase