Editors' Picks

  • Happy Me

    Happy Me

    Happy, funny and feelgood tracks. Playful, cheerful and bright. Suitable for lifestyle, comedy and children projects.

  • Hot Christmas Music Tracks 2020

    Hot Christmas Music Tracks 2020

    Be ready for Christmas 2020. Some great royalty free music tracks for your upcoming Christmas projects.

  • Romantic & Charming Saxophone

    Romantic & Charming Saxophone

    Melodic, charming and romantic retro saxophone instrumentals. Gentle, soft and easy. Great for romantic / wedding productions.

  • Glam Rock of the 80s - 90s

    Glam Rock of the 80s - 90s

    Hard rock tracks influenced by the brilliant music of Bon Jovi, Guns N' Roses, and Aerosmith.

  • Oriental Worlds

    Oriental Worlds

    Ethnic oriental music from Asia, China, Japan.

  • Big City Lights

    Big City Lights

    Vibrant music for nightlife scenes. Electro dance tracks. Happy and optimistic. Great for party, fashion, club or city nightlife scenes.

  • Trap / Hip Hop Beats

    Trap / Hip Hop Beats

    Fresh Trap & Hip Hop Beats. Cool urban grooves, scratched phrases, pounding 808 bass drum and cool drum machine rolls, catchy synths.

  • Classical Music Hits

    Classical Music Hits

    Some of the most famous classical music pieces for your creative projects.

  • Ragtime, Charleston & Dixieland

    Ragtime, Charleston & Dixieland

    Some retro music of the 1930s-1940s. Playful & happy ragtime, Charleston & Dixieland jazz swing tracks for your vintage projects.

  • 2018's Most Popular Christmas Tunes

    2018's Most Popular Christmas Tunes

    Be ready for Christmas. NeoSounds' most popular Christmas stock music tracks for your upcoming projects.

  • The Secret Agent

    The Secret Agent

    Spy music tracks inspired by James Bond, Mission Impossible themes. Suitable for action, chase, spy or undercover projects.

  • Melodic Light Pop Rock

    Melodic Light Pop Rock

    Fresh light pop-rock tracks. Melodic, positive, friendly & feel good music.

  • Flamenco


    Acoustic Spanish / Flamenco tracks, full of passion and emotions.

  • Funny Cartoons

    Funny Cartoons

    Funny and quirky royalty free music tracks for kids / cartoons productions.

  • Charming Christmas Music

    Charming Christmas Music

    Romantic and charming royalty free music for Christmas projects. Gentle, tender, light, easy and soulful.

  • Hot Indian / Bollywood tunes

    Hot Indian / Bollywood tunes

    Welcome to the Bollywood. Fresh & vibrant Indian tunes. Traditional eastern instruments - tabla, sitars, eastern flutes, with or without vocals.

  • Happy Ukulele Tunes

    Happy Ukulele Tunes

    Cheerful, happy, sunny, light and uplifting tracks, featuring ukulele and whistling. The most demanded type of music for fresh & friendly projects, videos, explaining videos, intros, business presentations etc.

  • Deep Ambient / Sci-Fi tracks.

    Deep Ambient / Sci-Fi tracks.

    Deep and mysterious sci-fi ambient tracks. Cosmic, spacious, scientific & hypnotic.

  • Luxury, Fashion & Style

    Luxury, Fashion & Style

    Some tunes for fashion, luxury, style & glamour productions, TV shows & events.

  • Get Funky. Vibrant Retro Funk tracks.

    Get Funky. Vibrant Retro Funk tracks.

    Fresh and vibrant 70's retro funk tracks. Uplifting and groovy tunes for film, tv projects, commercials etc.

  • Scary Stories

    Scary Stories

    Dark, sinister, suspenseful, ominous music tracks for horror / halloween projects.

  • Beautiful Romantic Melodies

    Beautiful Romantic Melodies

    Very melodic, beautiful and gentle tunes for romantic productions, wedding videos etc. Soulful and emotional.

  • Fantasy Adventures

    Fantasy Adventures

    Orchestral / cinematic tracks for fantasy, adventure, fairy tales or mystery productions.

  • Business and Technologies

    Business and Technologies

    Music for technological business productions, infomercial projects, analytics, data, charts, hi-tech startups etc.

  • Folksy Acoustic Pop tracks

    Folksy Acoustic Pop tracks

    Light acoustic pop tracks. Friendly, positive, folky and easy going. Features acoustic guitars and piano.

  • Grand Epic Movie Trailer Music

    Grand Epic Movie Trailer Music

    Powerful cinematic / orchestral music for epic, action, drama productions. Grand and dramatic filmscore trailer music tracks.

  • The Greatest Classical Hits. Piano version.

    The Greatest Classical Hits. Piano version.

    The most famous classical music pieces performed live on piano.

  • Vibrant Indie Pop / Rock tracks

    Vibrant Indie Pop / Rock tracks

    Happy, vibrant, bright and positive indie pop and rock tunes.

  • Upbeat Electronic Dance Music

    Upbeat Electronic Dance Music

    A set of upbeat, groovy, fresh, uplifting and cool EDM music tracks.