Royalty Free Horror Music

Weird underscore soundscape for thriller, dark drama, crime scene investigation or documentary. Hints of screeching metals, deep thuds and strange twisted melodies from a dark place. A disturbing sound montage like a hidden evi. Psychedelic / Abstract, Filmscore / Cinematic, Mysterious / Futuristic, Tense, Dark, Spatial, Ghostly, Ambient textures, Effects, Horror, Mystery,
A darkly ambient, threatening and unnerving underscore. Suitable for tense and pensive drama scenes, reality show, documentary, dangerous situations, nervous undertow. Psychedelic / Abstract, Soundscapes, Dark, Terrible / Scary, Nervous, Ambient textures, Effects, Horror, Mystery,
Pensive and pulsating underscore for film, drama, documentary, crime & law, forensics, science etc. Interspersed with occasional sound effect elements. Creepy suspenseful, tense and uneasy. Filmscore / Cinematic, Mysterious / Futuristic, Tense, Dark, Ghostly, Danger, Suspense, Strings, Piano, Effects, Horror, Mystery,
Menacing low pulse morphs into unnerving low drone with undulating, exoteric textures. Conjures feelings of dread, tension, and disorientation. Good for psychological thrills, stand-offs with deranged abductors, or terrified confusion brought on by threa. Psychedelic / Abstract, Mysterious / Futuristic, Dark, Terrible / Scary, Ambient textures, Effects, Horror, Sci-Fi / Tech,
Rhythmic, percussive, dark. Chase or battle. Deep pounding drums, deep drone, twitchy strings, dissonant horns. Filmscore / Cinematic, Tense, Dark, Danger, Terrible / Scary, Effects, Big Drums, Epic / Historical, Horror,
Deep, dark drone with rattling woodchimes and a lone cello. Dark, mysterious, perhaps haunted or perhaps hint of a vampire's lair or evil castle. Filmscore / Cinematic, Dark, Ambient textures, Effects, Horror, Thrillers,
Battle drums / marching percussion. A combination of orchestral percussion and ethnic / tribal drums. Suitable for battle, fight, chase, conflict, etc. Filmscore / Cinematic, Aggressive, Mysterious / Futuristic, Powerful, Dark, Danger, Suspense, Terrible / Scary, Orchestral Percussion, Big Drums, Drama, Epic / Historical, Horror,
Pensive, Ominious, Dramatic Underscore with Orchestral and Sound Design. Filmscore / Cinematic, Aggressive, Tense, Dark, Disturbed, Terrible / Scary, Anxious, Nervous, Strings, Symphony Orchestra, Action, Horror, Thrillers,
A cinematic style suspense cue, feelings of danger and fear, great for horror, sci-fi scenes and Halloween. Soundscapes, Dark, Terrible / Scary, Ambient textures, Effects, Horror,