Royalty Free Music by Alex Khaskin

A dark evil track, with a mean rock guitar line and drums, scary psychotic edge, perfect for horror gangster death and mayhem. Filmscore / Cinematic, Aggressive, Serious, Tense, Powerful, Determined, Dark, Danger, Symphony Orchestra, Big Drums, Action, Epic / Historical,
  • Alex Khaskin
Banjo & guitar picking duet with acoustic bass and no drums. Authentic folk/bluegrass styl. Folk, Optimistic, Easy, Friendly, Acoustic Guitars,
Dark, gloomy, sinister underscore for film, TV, games, thriller, chiller, horror, etc. Cold, desolate, haunted. Evil presence. Deep booming undertow. Nervous and tense. Filmscore / Cinematic, Tense, Dark, Danger, Terrible / Scary, Nervous, Strings, Symphony Orchestra, Big Drums, Adventure, Drama, Horror,
An upbeat, bright and perky pop soundtrack with a catchy tune and a pulsing rhythmic beat. Lively and exciting vibe that is right on target for Life style TV shows. Hip-hop / Urban / Rap, Groovy, Fresh, Quirky / Bizarre, Drum Grooves, Pizzicato, Commercials / Daytime TV,
A dark and pounding, percussion-driven track. Pensive and nervous, good for horror, thriller, filmscore / movie. Drama and dangerous situation, extreme risk, being chased by evil or other extreme/terror state. Filmscore / Cinematic, Dark, Danger, Suspense, Strings, Effects, Symphony Orchestra, Drama, Spy / Detective,
Dark, gloomy, sinister underscore for film, TV, games, thriller, chiller, horror, etc. Rattles, echoey metal, uneasy drones and sound design. Pensive, tense, tensio. Filmscore / Cinematic, Mysterious / Futuristic, Dark, Spatial, Abstract, Suspense, Hypnotic, Ambient textures, Effects, Percussive Instruments, Sci-Fi / Tech, Mystery,
Grab a barstool and drink your sorrows away with this somber Dixieland track. Perfect for Old-time bar scenes, Old West and Cowboy productions. Dixieland / Ragtime, 30's - 40's, Lazy, Unhurried, Tuba, Trumpet, Clarinet, Retro,