Royalty Free Classical / Romantic period Music

The most famous of Liszt's Liebestraums. A popular melody which flows along with grace and elegance. Widely used in advertising. This loving and emotional piece is perfect for giving an emotional and intense sensitivity to all projects and productions. Piano Music, Classical / Romantic period, Love, Romantic, Gentle / Tender, Emotional, Passionate, Piano, Drama,
The first of Liszt's Liebestraums, (Dreams of love), is a delicate and tender piece. Always light and very spacious it sets the tone for the three works as a whole. Wonderful for romantic segments, weddings and nostalgic memories. Piano Music, Classical / Romantic period, Romantic, Gentle / Tender, Piano, Drama,
Romantic and sentimental waltz from great Russian composer Pyotr Thaikovsky has been perfomed by Dmitriy Lukyanov piano solo. Contains several parts. Nostalgic and slightly sad, love feelings, emotional and beautyful. Good for any romantic projects. Classical / Romantic period, Nostalgic, Romantic, Pensive / Thoughtful, Melancholic / Sentimental, Piano, Romance / Melodrama,
A playful waltz with a slight tinge of regret. 'The Farewell Waltz', was written by Chopin for a love he was once engaged to. An affectionate piece with a hint of sorrow and melancholy. Piano Music, Classical / Romantic period, Romantic, Gentle / Tender, Piano,
Well known solo piano tune from Peter Tchaikovsky from Children's Album. Classical / Romantic period, Light, Easy, Friendly, Piano,
The famous Christmas melody from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker. Great for holiday specials and commercials. Traditional orchestral. Christmas Music, Classical / Romantic period, Light, Fantasy, Exciting, Easy, Charmed, Strings, Symphony Orchestra, Romance / Melodrama, Holiday / Party,
Bold and distinctive piano melodies and chords ring out with regal and noble fashion. This is the first promenade in the suite, 'Pictures at an Exhibition', which depicts a tour around an art gallery or collection. Piano Music, Classical / Romantic period, Serious, Dramatic, Regal / Aristocratic, Ceremonial, Confident, Piano, Drama,
The Wedding March by Mendelssohn is, quite simply, unmissable in any wedding ceremony, This bright, elegant and spirited arrangement features violin with orchestral backing, Classy, dignified and celebratory. Classical / Romantic period, Nostalgic, Festive, Ceremonial, Strings, Bells, Violin, Epic / Historical, Documentary, Wedding,
This jocking and bright piano track is from the children's album of Pyotr Tchaikovsky has been perfomed by Dmitriy Lukyanov solo piano. Playfull and merry, nice and slightly romantic. The tune contains 2 parts. Piano Music, Classical / Romantic period, Light, Joyful, Playful, Optimistic, Piano,