Royalty Free Flute Music

Floating flute melody starts this peaceful track. It builds, adding cello and guitar and light percussion, however the lightness of the song remains. Easy Listening, Love, Soft / Smooth, Romantic, Gentle / Tender, Flute, Acoustic Guitars, Cello, Percussive Instruments, Wedding,
Remake of classical piece by famous composer of 20th century Maurice Rave. Classical / Contemporary, Bright, Pompous, Flute, Symphony Orchestra,
"Adieu To Piano" is children’s redemption of well known L.V. Beethoven piece. Easy arrangement of flute, celesta and pizzicato strings makes it perfect for small kids programming. Children's / Kids, Classical / Classical period, Light, Soft / Smooth, Pleasant / Nice, Easy, Flute, Pizzicato, Children's,
1930's style jaunty jazz piece. Melodically and harmonically intriguing. Up-tempo, vivacious & daring. Marimba. 30's - 40's, Lively, Optimistic, Bright, Happy, Friendly, Piano, Flute, Percussive Instruments, Jazz Band,
Nice and pretty, friendly World, Island sound. Can be a breezy and relaxing time at a lovely Island, or can also be Thailand, etc. Positive and inviting, joyful holiday, exotic, feelgood World, Ethnic. Easy Listening, Exotic / Ethnic, Nostalgic, Soft / Smooth, Romantic, Pleasant / Nice, Easy, Flute, Ethnic / World Instruments, Acoustic Guitars, Clarinet, Documentary, Travel,
  • 2:09
  • Variation
  • 60sec
  • 30sec
Orchestration with strings and oboe. Just imagine flying over the horizon and seeing forever? This drips with emotio. Easy Listening, Fantasy, Unhurried, Flowering, Strings, Electric Piano / Rhodes, Flute, Pizzicato, Documentary,
A dreamy and ethereal instrumental soundtrack with a haunting, atmospheric feeling. Filmscore / Cinematic, Dramatic, Hopeful, Piano, Flute, Synth Pad, French Horn, Drama, Epic / Historical,
A popular set of lively and spirited polkas from 19th Century Ireland - heard in many Irish traditional music pub sessions - performed by whistle, guitar and fiddle. Egan's Polka leads into Maurice Manley's Polka at 0:49. 100% live performance. Celtic / Irish, Lively, Joyful, Playful, Bright, Happy, Exciting, Dancing, Festive, Friendly, Shining, Flute, Acoustic Guitars, Violin, Documentary, Children's, Travel, Commercials / TV themes,
Gentle romantic Bossa Nova retro track made with real love. Piano leads the nice main melody with a flut acoustic guitar rhythm section with Latin percussion. Then appears the string section orchestra. Very romantic and sensetive. Slightly sad nostalgic. Bossa Nova, Love, Nostalgic, Soft / Smooth, Romantic, Pleasant / Nice, Soulful, Easy, Gentle / Tender, Strings, Piano, Flute, Romantic / Melodrama, Retro,