Royalty Free Experimental Music

Starting of with a light classy string passage we dive in to a fast modern kaleidoscope of energy opportunity and vitality. This track is perfect for a luxury car commercial with augmented sense of pride class and nobilit. Experimental, Exciting, Moving / Driving, Positive, Strings, Drum Grooves,
Strange, odd, single note textured guitar melody?, perfect for a horror film score, or building tension. Experimental, Abstract, Effects, Electronic,
Throbbing repetitive synths create a mysterious and meditative mood. Looping. Experimental, Downtempo, Mysterious / Futuristic, Dark, Hypnotic, Pulsing, Electronic, Synthesizers, Mystery,
Loud and chaotic in places. Synths and complex rhythms create an industrial sound. Experimental, Hip-hop / Urban / Rap, Breakbeat, Strange / Odd, Mechanical, Groovy, Unusual / Non-ordinary, Drum Grooves, Electronic percussion,
A constant piano riff motif combined with simple and repetitive percussion accompaniment create an automated backdrop for a sax to improvise and create new lines over the top of the mechanical nature of this track. Experimental, Anxious, Piano, World percussion, Clarinet, Drama,
  • Perfect Solution Music
  • Loop A
  • Loop B
A spooky piece with echoing violin tremolos, scales and effects. Piano plays bizarre clusters and frightening noises enter, creating unease and tension. Filmscore / Cinematic, Experimental, Tense, Suspense, Strange / Odd, Piano, Violin, Drama,