Royalty Free Music by Michael Bozzo

Pop rock guitars, rolling snare and a touch of dissonance. You may hear a hint of John Frusciante and the Chili Peppers on this 30 second track suitable for a car commercial or suspenseful spy or action sequence. Experimental Rock, Wary, Anxious, Suspicious, Electric Guitars, Spy / Detective,
Bluesy, sexy, driving electric guitar, thumping beat and weird, wild electronic fusion of clicking noise and effects. Suitable for images of cars, motorcycles, sex, strippers, dancing. Experimental Rock, Determined, Strange / Odd, Confident, Drive Guitars / Riffs, Spy / Detective,
Instrumental hip-hop style track with breakbeat drums and lush, swirling string/orchestra samples. Hip-hop / Urban / Rap, Strange / Odd, Groovy, Strings, Drum Grooves,
Strange, odd, single note textured guitar melody?, perfect for a horror film score, or building tension. Experimental, Abstract, Effects, Electronic,
A robot conversational piece. Featuring bleeps, bwaps, blips, hits and smacks and a funky groove. Experimental, Electronica, Technologic / Scientific, Robotic, Electronic, Synthesizers, Sci-Fi / Tech,
Dreamy pad of exotic ambient guitar. Images of birth, death, outer space, stars, the sun, the moon, the planets, the ocean, the sky, acid, sex, orgasm or sleep. Suitable for healing, relaxation, meditation, spa treatment, yoga. Soundscapes, Mysterious / Futuristic, Dreamy / Reflective, Fantasy, Spatial, Hypnotic, Ambient textures, Effects, Documentary, Mystery,
  • Pad

Sad 50's/country guitar and string bass soundscape to accompany images of angst, hurt, pain, suffering and loss. Psychedelic / Abstract, Abstract, Ambient textures,
Mysterious, suspenseful spacey rock guitar with rhythmic-echoed melodic guitar lines reminiscent of U2 or Portishead . Suitable to accompany images of space, underwater, dreams, nightmares, birth, sex. Psychedelic / Abstract, Experimental Rock, Abstract, Suspense, Unusual / Non-ordinary, Electric Guitars, Ambient textures, Effects, Documentary,
A determined pop rock track with layered guitars. Positive uplifting lead melody appears in the chorus. Also features an inspired motivational bridge section. Progressive Rock, Suspense, Confident, Electric Guitars, Rock Band,
Progressive rock distorted guitar playing melodic power chords and an intense sexual tribal drum beat. Experimental Rock, Exciting, Electric Guitars,