Royalty Free Music by Ilya Kaplan

A happy, childish goofy track featuring a weird pallate of instruments. Strats of funny and bouncy then speeds up and turns whacky towards the endPerfect for children / cartoon / animatio. Children's / Kids, Funny, Happy, Bouncy, Quirky / Bizarre, Effects, Percussive Instruments, Comedy / Humour / Sitcom, Children's, Cartoons,
A dark disturbing track. Scary sound design evolving drone tense percussive elements scary mood. Bubonic plague claiming victims. dark scary anxiety worried afraid spooky mea. Soundscapes, Tense, Dark, Ghostly, Terrible / Scary, Ambient textures, Effects, Horror,
A slow subdued track carrying the sense of tense anticipation, waiting for something unknown. Modern drums sound design triangle pad. Ambient / New Age, Abstract, Ambient textures,
A tense searching vibe injected with organic/electronic elements. Developing action is the vibe that morphs in to mystery closer to the end. Filmscore / Cinematic, Tense, Dark, Anxious, Ambient textures, Effects, Synthesizers, Mystery,
This Track is like a Wound Up machine in perpetual motion, calculating countings working tirelessl. Downtempo, Technologic / Scientific, Mechanical, Synth Bass, Electronic, Drum Machine,
Very cool and laid - back relaxing ambient track. Think a pleasant day on vacation everything is going just the way you want it to. life is good. Would work for any slow paced luxury product commercial or presentation. Ambient / New Age, Soft / Smooth, Peaceful / Calm, Relaxing, Strings, Ambient textures, Documentary, Relaxation / Meditation,
Careful bells and solemn strings are enveloped by mystic sound design and rhythm elements, track develops and intensifies as it progresses. Sense of time and progress, overall sad, searching vib. Ambient / New Age, Mysterious / Futuristic, Spatial, Unreal, Suspense, Ambient textures, Bells, Mystery,
Dark tense track featuring a modern filmic percussion sound groove evolving pads bass pulse, suspenseful pitched rhythmic elements and contemporary sound design. searching for something comes to mind or waiting for a result in with anxiety building. Ambient / New Age, Mysterious / Futuristic, Dark, Spatial, Unreal, Ghostly, Suspense, Ambient textures, Electronic percussion, Sci-Fi / Tech, Mystery,
A modern electronic corporate progress track that has a sense of movement achievement confidence and purpose. The development of a product comes to mind or a brainstorming sessio. Electronica, Technologic / Scientific, Mechanical, Confident, Synthesizers, Drum Machine, Sci-Fi / Tech,
Sunny, jazzy, positive upbeat and optimistic smooth jazz track, soulful groove and piano chops, perfect for phone on hold. Modern Jazz, General Pop, Optimistic, Happy, Positive, Easy, Friendly, Piano, Saxophone, Commercials / Daytime TV,
  • Ilya Kaplan
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