Royalty Free Music by Ilya Kaplan

A funny cartoon track composed of a collection of whacky, crazy and stupid sounds and bits. Perfect for the goofiest comedy. Children's / Kids, Funny, Playful, Unhurried, Quirky / Bizarre, Vocal / Vox, Children's, Cartoons,
Starts with some traditional arabic/indian elements then goes in to amodern hip hop groove with a caleidoscope of traditional ethnic and modern element. Hip-hop / Urban / Rap, Asian / Indian, Exotic / Ethnic, Unhurried, Neutral, Electric Piano / Rhodes, Ethnic / World Instruments, Drum Grooves,
A dark disturbing track. Scary sound design evolving drone tense percussive elements scary mood. Bubonic plague claiming victims. dark scary anxiety worried afraid spooky mea. Soundscapes, Tense, Dark, Ghostly, Terrible / Scary, Ambient textures, Effects, Horror,
A hopeful wondering vibe starting out with an acoustic guitar and drums, leading in with plucked melody. An overall sence of wonder and discovery, with a hint of innocenc. General Pop, Positive, Drum Grooves, Acoustic Guitars,
  • Ilya Kaplan
A playful track with a fun drum groove quirky flute licks piano and bass. Think of shopping at a supermarket or sorting through a variety of products to find what you need. General Pop, Funny, Light, Playful, Happy, Piano, Flute, World percussion, Commercials / Daytime TV,
A sad piano melody cast in to a sea of emotions, regret, hope and sadness come to mind, Features, piano, strings,sound design Perfect for a sad, sentimental, reflective moment. Easy Listening, Love, Sad, Soft / Smooth, Peaceful / Calm, Broken-Hearted, Melancholic / Sentimental, Hopeful, Emotional, Piano, Synth Pad, Romance / Melodrama,
A choir Drone dissonat voices - a haunting ominos / religious moo. Soundscapes, Mysterious / Futuristic, Spatial, Ambient textures, Choir, Mystery,
A tense dramatic film track with a sad solo violin that sets up a desperate struggling mood intensified by a honest tragic and heart wrenching vocal performanc. Filmscore / Cinematic, Tense, Spatial, Dramatic, Tragic, Ambient textures, Effects, Vocal / Vox, Violin, Drama,
A sad moody dramatic underscore track, Sad and peaceful perfect for quite innocent/ gentle scenes. Featuring sensitive piano, harp pattern, modern sound design, guitar, ambient pads and strings. Ambient / New Age, Sad, Dramatic, Peaceful / Calm, Piano, Ambient textures, Drama,
Quirky light and happy vibe built using odd instruments for a very childish foolish adventure track. Imagine a bunch of kids exploring the world. Features custom percussion violin, bells, xylophone, balloon bass. Children's / Kids, Funny, Light, Joyful, Bouncy, Quirky / Bizarre, Percussive Instruments, Children's, Cartoons,