Royalty Free Music by Ilya Kaplan

A funny cartoon track composed of a collection of whacky, crazy and stupid sounds and bits. Perfect for the goofiest comedy. Children's / Kids, Funny, Playful, Quirky / Bizarre, Effects, Vocal / Vox, Children's, Cartoons,
A dark moody ambient track, heavy primal drums evolving pads,rhythmic pattern, drones low flutes and a sense of tension loss and drea. Filmscore / Cinematic, Mysterious / Futuristic, Dark, Dramatic, Tragic, Strings, Ambient textures, World percussion, Drama,
A goofy funky dance / house track for kids, feature a silly chipmunk melody, vocal scat and effects. Electronica, Funny, Quirky / Bizarre, Electric Guitars, Drum Grooves, Vocal / Vox, Synthesizers,
A very Warm Positive, hopeful track, features ambient pad piano, strings rock drums, bass and sound design. Imagine flipping through an old photo album looking at all your pleasant memories. at 1:30 The track transforms in to a modern roc. Easy Listening, Love, Soft / Smooth, Romantic, Pleasant / Nice, Positive, Easy, Hopeful, Piano, Synth Pad, Romance / Melodrama,
A very steady positive, strong & energetic contemporary trac. Electronica, Technologic / Scientific, Spatial, Positive, Groovy, Pulsing, Ambient textures, Electronic, Synthesizers, Sci-Fi / Tech,
Dark tense track featuring a modern filmic percussion sound groove evolving pads bass pulse, suspenseful pitched rhythmic elements and contemporary sound design. searching for something comes to mind or waiting for a result in with anxiety building. Ambient / New Age, Mysterious / Futuristic, Dark, Spatial, Unreal, Ghostly, Suspense, Ambient textures, Electronic percussion, Sci-Fi / Tech, Mystery,
A choir Drone dissonat voices - a haunting ominos / religious moo. Soundscapes, Mysterious / Futuristic, Spatial, Ambient textures, Choir, Mystery,
A modern electronic corporate progress track that has a sense of movement achievement confidence and purpose. The development of a product comes to mind or a brainstorming sessio. Electronica, Technologic / Scientific, Mechanical, Confident, Synthesizers, Drum Machine, Sci-Fi / Tech,
A dark hit opens up a window in to a mysterious , tense scene. Features live strngs, sad trumpet and sound design. Filmscore / Cinematic, Mysterious / Futuristic, Tense, Dark, Spatial, Suspense, Ambient textures, Electronic percussion, Drama, Mystery,
A Somber evolving low Drone with twirling elements and subtle effects Slowly Evolving / Revolving neutral but tense moo. Soundscapes, Dark, Ghostly, Ambient textures,