Royalty Free Spatial Music

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0:00 1:13
Dreamy pad of exotic ambient guitar. Images of birth, death, outer space, stars, the sun, the moon, the planets, the ocean, the sky, acid, sex, orgasm or sleep. Suitable for healing, relaxation, meditation, spa treatment, yoga.
0:00 5:12
Ambient / New Age, Cosmic, peaceful, softly flowing, Good for yoga, meditation, Also for images of space, future and sci-fi, stars and cosmos, Possibly nature or underwater / deep sea diving, Can also be for science, DNA etc, Reflective / shimmering.
0:00 2:46
A dark brooding sci-fi track with tense complex evolving drones and creepy effects, anticipation disturbing sound design waking up in a layer chained to the wall Dramatic Ambient Background Music. Scared anxiety disheartened worried afraid
0:00 2:07
Slow, spacious, ethereal, textured track with dreamy, exotic & emotional chanted vocal samples. be whisked away on the calm breeze to foreign lands. Very cinematic and moody
0:00 1:47
0:00 2:26
Ambient pads, bells, synths.
0:00 2:53
A positive and warming ambient track with a feel good vibe. This track would be well suited to many projects as background music but also has enough substance to be a focal point. Majestic, Beautiful, Airy, with vocal support in the choruses and joyful.
0:00 0:57
An ambiet mysterious cue, sense of searching through secret documents carries an ethnic vibe
0:00 1:59
A sinister, eerie atmosphere is created by dark synth sounds with harsh drums in this long loop.