Royalty Free Peaceful / Calm Music

A beautiful, sentimental and emotional track featuring piano, cello and violins. Slowly builds as cello and violins come in, adding extra layers of emotions and dynamics. Filmscore / Cinematic, Love, Peaceful / Calm, Romantic, Melancholic / Sentimental, Gentle / Tender, Emotional, Strings, Piano, Violin, Romance / Melodrama,
A neutral and calm orchestral track. Settled and thematic, evoking peaceful or pastoral imagery such as the countryside or ruralism. Filmscore / Cinematic, Light, Dreamy / Reflective, Soft / Smooth, Exciting, Peaceful / Calm, Pleasant / Nice, Melancholic / Sentimental, Hopeful, Charmed, Strings, Symphony Orchestra, Oboe, Adventure, Drama, Epic / Historical,
  • LynneMusic
    Very Slow
  • Loop
    Very Slow
Nice and beautiful solo piano track was made in a romantic music key. Light and tender well suited for any romantic and movie projects, video background, love affair. Medium tempo. Solo piano. Piano Music, Ballads, Love, Peaceful / Calm, Romantic, Pleasant / Nice, Soulful, Gentle / Tender, Emotional, Piano, Romance / Melodrama, Wedding,
  • Dmitriy Lukyanov
Dreamy, melancholic sound track featured by piano, cello and flute as well as strings and sound design. Full of sadness but with a hints of hope, sensitive, serene and quiet tune. Sutable for drama or situations where a mellow music is required. Easy Listening, Love, Sad, Peaceful / Calm, Broken-Hearted, Melancholic / Sentimental, Hopeful, Emotional, Memorial, Strings, Piano, Flute, Drama, Romance / Melodrama,
Acoustic guitar with orchestral backing and light percussion accompaniment. Christmas Music, Soft / Smooth, Peaceful / Calm, Pleasant / Nice, Gentle / Tender, Acoustic Guitars, Holiday / Party,