Royalty Free Music by Jonathan Geer

A playful, magical track. Harp, bells, mallets, strings and vocals lend a whimsical air to the proceedings. Perfect for gameplay or anything that requires a seamless loop. Has a childlike, fantasy quality. Filmscore / Cinematic, Children's / Kids, Light, Playful, Exotic / Ethnic, Happy, Exciting, Quirky / Bizarre, Strings, Vocal / Vox, Bells, Harp, Adventure, Children's, Commercials / TV themes,
A cinematic folk piece with acoustic guitar, violin, bass and piano. Folk, Soft / Smooth, Unhurried, Melancholic / Sentimental, Hopeful, Emotional, Strings, Piano, Acoustic Guitars, Violin, Drama,
A beautiful acoustic trio arrangement (violin, guitar and accordion) of the traditional Irish melody. Celtic / Irish, Folk, Love, Sad, Dreamy / Reflective, Nostalgic, Romantic, Pensive / Thoughtful, Melancholic / Sentimental, Hopeful, Gentle / Tender, Acoustic Guitars, Violin, Accordion, Documentary, Romantic / Melodrama, Travel,
  • Star Of County Down

    Jonathan Geer
  • Loop A
  • Loop B
A classic western sound with dark slide guitar and shakers. A full percussive groove enters in the second half. We might have a stand-off on our hands. Americana, Dark, Dramatic, Pensive / Thoughtful, Suspense, Drum Grooves, Acoustic Guitars, Western,
A traditional fiddle tune performed by solo violin. Folk, Americana, Joyful, Playful, Happy, Dancing, Violin, Epic / Historical,
An old time fiddle tune arranged for solo violin and piano. Folk, Americana, Lively, Happy, Friendly, Piano, Violin,