Epic Future

by Exacttrax
Great track for trailer. Elements similar to "Tron" with synth and big drums. Futuristic and epic. Use in science fiction, or dramatic thriller. Depicts suspense of the unknown. Space and beyond. Discovery channel. Cosmos. Music for teaching astronomy


Content provider

: Exacttrax




: Tune It Up Publishing (ASCAP)



alluring, anticipating, atmospheric, climactic, dangerous, dramatic, enchanted, epic, foreboding, heavenly, heroic, hopeful, hypnotic, intense, lost, mysterious, questioning, spacious, suspenseful, tension, action thriller, crime in progress, dramatic soundtrack, fantasy, history, movie trailer, mystery, new age, psychological thriller, universe, science fiction, vast unknown, rocket ship, star ship, milky way, orion, big dipper, hunter, hunting, achievement, anxious, aggressive, big, dark, determined, discovery, disturbing, dramatic, epic, ethereal, futuristic, heavy, hypnotic, industrial, intense, magical, mechanical, mystical, nature, powerful, repetitive, strange, suspense, tension, drums, drum machine, electric piano, orchestra, strings, synthesizer, revelation, war, battle, spritual, world, angels, demons, good, evil, lurking, searching, anticipating, atmosphere, stars, astrology, planet earth, hunting, 2000s, slow tempo, war, battle, spiritual, spirit, angels, demons, good, evil, lurking, stars, astrology, planet

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