Royalty Free Horror Music

Pensive and pulsating underscore for film, drama, documentary, crime & law, forensics, science etc. Interspersed with occasional sound effect elements. Creepy suspenseful, tense and uneasy. Filmscore / Cinematic, Mysterious / Futuristic, Tense, Dark, Ghostly, Danger, Suspense, Strings, Piano, Effects, Horror, Mystery,
Eerie atmospheric synthetics, low pulsing strings and deep drum hits create a vision of a dark future world, filled with ominous machines and a sense of cold bleakness. Mysterious, brooding science fiction. Filmscore / Cinematic, Mysterious / Futuristic, Dark, Suspense, Strings, Orchestral Percussion, Ambient textures, Horror, Mystery,
One in 17 parts of drama underscore music providing the backdrop for suspense, pensive action, sometimes dark fused with sound effects of bell tolls, haunting pads, jailhouse door slams to complete the scene. Mystery, intrigue, investigation. Filmscore / Cinematic, Tense, Dark, Ghostly, Suspense, Terrible / Scary, Nervous, Effects, Synth Bass, Horror, Mystery,
Dark and mysterious soundbed, psychological terror, isolated fear, social drama, malevolent and sinister. Filmscore / Cinematic, Mysterious / Futuristic, Dark, Ghostly, Suspense, Strings, Effects, Horror, Mystery,
A cinematic style suspense cue, feelings of danger and fear, great for horror, sci-fi scenes and Halloween. Filmscore / Cinematic, Dark, Danger, Suspense, Strings, Piano, Horror,
An edgy, foreboding mood is set in this track with controlled guitar feedback, deep booming drum hits, steadily pulsing synth bass, etc. Darkly intense and apocalyptic, great for film trailers, suspenseful movie score, etc. Great for futuristic sci fi. Filmscore / Cinematic, Tense, Dark, Anxious, Electric Guitars, Synth Bass, Big Drums, Horror, Thrillers,
  • 1:11
  • Variation A
  • Variation B
Opaque and mysterious reflections underscored by irregular beating patterns effuse from within an abysmal void. Evoking murky thoughts of ominous miscreants and the visceral fear response of survival, the low gongs and unearthly dissonance. Psychedelic / Abstract, Filmscore / Cinematic, Mysterious / Futuristic, Dark, Ghostly, Danger, Suspense, Terrible / Scary, Hypnotic, Nervous, Ambient textures, Effects, Horror, Thrillers, Mystery,
  • 2:36
  • 60sec
  • 30sec
  • 15sec
  • Stinger/Ident
Dark and menacing sound design, psychological terror, unknown forces, malevolence, evil entities, mind control underscore, horrifying and disturbin. Filmscore / Cinematic, Tense, Dark, Danger, Disturbed, Anxious, Strings, Horror, Thrillers,
Dark, scary, suspenseful, ominous, aggressive, with conclusio. Soundscapes, Dark, Terrible / Scary, Ambient textures, Effects, Horror,