Royalty Free Music by Ilya Kaplan

0:00 1:04
An intense comedic nightmare before christmas,worried orchestra, cheezy cliche curious wondering adventure underscore. Cartoon Danny Elfman weird

1 mix


0:00 3:02
Reflective and ambient track with a sad / sentimental overtone, pefect for documentary tv/film. Sad and thoughtfull guitar and piano brings back memories. TV/Documentary, The sun is setting down over a tired city.
0:00 3:07
Funky disco house background music for those fun quirky moments. Very funky bass and guitars with disco action. Great reality show or opening track
0:00 2:20
A slow subdued track carrying the sense of tense anticipation, waiting for something unknown. Modern drums sound design triangle pad
0:00 2:19
An upbeat comical semi - sad composition. Think of walking on a cold Christmas day or evening.

3 mixes


0:00 2:41
Starts out with a dramatic piano pattern and develops in to a full blown WAR, Horns Orchestra Heavy Drums. suspenseful and dramatic battle over the forsaken war torn land. Damaging orchestral brass and strings and a heart pounding drum groove.
0:00 1:24
A funky comical suspenseful spy track with a funky foolish edge. Imagine Mr. Bean Starring in any James Bond flick.
0:00 1:34
A sad sentimental piano / upright bass track perfect for film drama.
0:00 2:53
A modern downbeat / hip hop club track, with a sexual undertone, heavy sighing and breathing. Kinda dark sexy and lustful

2 mixes


0:00 3:05
A very quirky, funny tune, imagine a funny character, perhaps a lost tourist in an unfamiliar country getting in to all sorts of trouble walking the foreign streets