Royalty Free Music by Alex Khaskin

Orchestral score for Animation or Children TV, adventurous, energetic, with French feel. European, Lively, Bright, Happy, Positive, Friendly, Symphony Orchestra, Accordion, Children's, Commercials / Daytime TV,
This tension cue is perfect for documentaries or reality TV. A suspenseful groove from the drums and bass drive this track. Mixed percussion and synths keep the track moving. This track is ominous and dar. Filmscore / Cinematic, Mysterious / Futuristic, Tense, Dark, Suspense, Strings, Effects, World percussion, Electronic, Big Drums, Sci-Fi / Tech, Thrillers,
Catchy and jazzy tune with groovy brush drums. Optimistic, Exciting, Moving / Driving, Positive, Piano, Vibraphone, Pizzicato, Commercials / Daytime TV,
Spoof on 60th pop music. For little children. Children's / Kids, Unhurried, Easy, Strings, Piano,
Slow, Mellow, Down-Tempo, hypnotizing ambient track. Contains slow electronic percussion rhythm with deep, muted, swirling underlying pads. Dreamy, very slow, a feeling of time passing in slow motion, or being weightles. Ambient / New Age, Filmscore / Cinematic, Dreamy / Reflective, Fantasy, Soft / Smooth, Peaceful / Calm, Relaxing, Hopeful, Gentle / Tender, Flowering, Piano, Ambient textures, Relaxation / Meditation,
A foreboding and ominous film soundtrack underscore. Deep drums, atmospheric swirls and drones create a ticking, pensive, rhythmic background highly suitable for crime thriller, dark drama, investigative mystery. Filmscore / Cinematic, Dark, Spatial, Danger, Terrible / Scary, Nervous, Ambient textures, Effects, Horror,