Royalty Free Music by Alex Khaskin

This tension cue is perfect for documentaries or reality TV. A suspenseful groove from the drums and bass drive this track. Mixed percussion and synths keep the track moving. This track is ominous and dar. Filmscore / Cinematic, Tense, Dark, Terrible / Scary, Anxious, Strings, Effects, Electronic percussion, Symphony Orchestra, Drama,
Dark, gloomy, sinister underscore for film, TV, games, thriller, chiller, horror, etc. Cold, desolate, haunted. Evil presence. Deep booming undertow. Nervous and tense. Filmscore / Cinematic, Mysterious / Futuristic, Tense, Dark, Danger, Suspense, Nervous, Strings, World percussion, Symphony Orchestra, Adventure, Drama, Thrillers,
Great movie and TV underscore. A dark and gentle melancholy theme with slight moments of hope. Piano arpeggios, beautiful melody on cello with subtle electronic percussion and synth pad. Soundscapes, Dreamy / Reflective, Spatial, Relaxing, Strings, Electric Piano / Rhodes, Ambient textures, Relaxation / Meditation,
This is a very surreal take on Irish song Danny Boy. It is dark, ominous and suspenseful. Very unusual arrangement. Filmscore / Cinematic, Dark, Suspense, Terrible / Scary, Ambient textures, Effects, Vocal / Vox, Horror, Mystery,
Light and funny music with whistling and animals sounds. For little children. Children's / Kids, Lively, Joyful, Bright, Happy, Dancing, Festive, Bouncy, Whistle, Children's, Holiday,
Soundscape / Soundtrack underscore for film, TV and media. Ambient, oozing, undertow. Thoughtful, introspective, mystical. A quite long track; some sections with slight rhythmic elements, other parts more dreamy, floaty, ethereal. Ambient / New Age, Dreamy / Reflective, Spatial, Relaxing, Piano, Ambient textures, Documentary, Relaxation / Meditation,
Thoughtful. Ambience, native percussions, native flutes, native singing. Ambient / New Age, Mysterious / Futuristic, Dreamy / Reflective, Spatial, Hypnotic, Ambient textures, Flute, World percussion, Documentary, Mystery,
Soft, emotional, dreamy. Contemporary sound design with acoustic guita. Ambient / New Age, Sad, Pensive / Thoughtful, Emotional, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars,
  • Alex Khaskin