Royalty Free Music by Alex Khaskin

Dark, gloomy, mysterious, sinister underscore for film, TV, games, thriller, chiller, horror, etc. Sound design, scattered piano, uneasy orchestral background. Sneaky, suspenseful. Also investigative, puzzles, solving the riddl. Filmscore / Cinematic, Mysterious / Futuristic, Dark, Danger, Suspense, Anxious, Strings, Effects, Horror, Thrillers, Mystery,
Smooth mid-tempo, small Dixieland ensemble with clarnet and slide trumpet duets. excellent for openers, transitions, travel & holiday shows, perhaps a riverboat scene needing a smooth jazzy intro or transition, family reunions and mor. Dixieland / Ragtime, 30's - 40's, Joyful, Playful, Happy, Satisfied, Shining, Piano, Banjo, Honky Tonk piano, Comedy / Humour / Sitcom, Retro, Commercials / Daytime TV,
Melancholic pensive piano piece with a passionate, emotional theme. Tension-filled, atmospheric and slightly dark. Perfect as a Score for drama or romance. Filmscore / Cinematic, Sad, Nostalgic, Dramatic, Relaxing, Melancholic / Sentimental, Strings, Piano, Drama, Relaxation / Meditation,
A fun and jolly waltz on accordion and upright bass in Italian / Sicilian style. A feeling of Italy, Sicily, France, Paris, Europe, perhaps Germany etc. European, Unhurried, Easy, Accordion, Retro, Commercials / Daytime TV,
Full of action music track for thinks like car racing, video games, and commercial spots. Filmscore / Cinematic, Aggressive, Dynamic, Determined, Moving / Driving, Drum Grooves, Electronic, Action, Sports,
Mid tempo underscore for thoughtful memories while traveling in the ca. Easy Listening, Soft / Mellow Pop, Light, Neutral, Easy, Strings, Piano, Travel,