Royalty Free Christmas Music

Magical dance melody with a flavor of elegance and beauty. Very light, bouncy and tender. Imagine horses prancing in the snow, pulling a sled of excited children on a Winter sleigh ride. Great original track for the Christmas holiday. Pride and Prejudice. Children's / Kids, Christmas Music, Light, Playful, Exciting, Pleasant / Nice, Unhurried, Festive, Strings, Piano, Bells, Pizzicato, Children's, Holiday / Party, Commercials / Daytime TV,
Orchestrated christmas them. Christmas Music, Light, Happy, Strings, Flute, Bells, Children's, Holiday / Party,
  • Notepad Music
  • 30sec
A bright, playful arrangement of the traditional Christmas carol. Performed by actual musicians on violin, viola, bass, piano and classical guitar. Happy, upbeat and positive. Christmas Music, Playful, Happy, Pleasant / Nice, Festive, Strings, Piano, Flute, Acoustic Guitars, Children's,
A warm, comforting and beautiful version of the classic Christmas carol, with soft female vocal backed by acoustic piano. Christmas Music, Nostalgic, Happy, Soft / Smooth, Peaceful / Calm, Relaxing, Pleasant / Nice, Gentle / Tender, Lullaby, Emotional, Piano, Vocal / Vox, Children's, Holiday / Party,
A clarinet melody with piano and bell chimes accompaniment create a joyous and playful atmosphere in this short festive track. Christmas Music, Light, Bright, Easy, Piano, Clarinet, Holiday / Party,
A playful and friendly orchestral track, available with or without choirs. Happy and a bit whimsical. Melodic and sweet. Children's / Kids, Christmas Music, Funny, Light, Playful, Bright, Happy, Exciting, Festive, Friendly, Shining, Strings, Flute, Vocal / Vox, Children's, Holiday / Party,
A positive sentimental orchestral piece with a vibe of hope and adventur. Filmscore / Cinematic, Christmas Music, Soft / Smooth, Romantic, Pleasant / Nice, Easy, Gentle / Tender, Strings, Piano, Symphony Orchestra, Children's,
A cool progressive electronic arrangement of the Christmas traditional "Silent Night, Holy Night". Fun groove with inspiration and feelings of thankfulness. Christmas Music, Light, Pleasant / Nice, Easy, Piano, Electronic, Holiday / Party,