Cool Promo

by Julio Kladniew
Cool and elegant background track.


Content provider

: Julio Kladniew





: General Pop


: n/a


: Medium

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Funny Business

Playful, sarcastic, determined and funny jazz rock track. Electric guitars, electric piano, piano solos.
2:26 Medium

Shake Her

Tom Jones' style. Brass section, Drive Guitars, Organ solo.
2:31 Fast

Turn It Up

A funk track, positive, groovy and fun. Solid, with a cool swing. Featuring bass, drums and guitars.
2:21 Medium

Happy Stinger

A daring and funny stinger. Modern and cool.
0:16 Medium

Bull In A China Shop

A somewhat punk'ish Pop-Rock track with an Indie type sound and lots of attitude. Youthful, somewhat rebellious, a little bit Left...
2:11 Fast


A fusion of Jazz, Funk and Soul, featuring a lazy, syncopated drum groove, funk bass, funk guitar and a live horn section, Classic...
2:04 Medium

I Pheel Phine

2:35 Medium

The Funk Walk

3:33 Medium

Cruise The Strip

Funky Rhodes, electric guitar and band.
2:02 Medium

Scotch No Water

Raw 1950's or 1960's style R&B / Blues in the style of Blues Brothers etc, Guitars, drums, electric bass, organ and saxophone,
2:10 Fast