A Good Start

by Julio Kladniew
A fresh and inspiring piece of music, ideal to begin a presentation, shinny and reliable.


Content provider

: Julio Kladniew





: General Pop


: Infomercials


: Piano, Electronic


: Medium

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Driving electronic pop track with retro electronic beats, lush synths and shimmering pads.
3:28 Medium

The Traveller

A melodic pattern of piano with simple percussion. Happy, uncomplicated, feelgood. Good for use in many times of media, including ...
1:48 Medium

Familiar Places Friendly Faces

A universally appealing, pleasant and positive Pop-Rock track. Easy-going but catchy piano and guitar melodies. Optimistic, homey,...
2:24 Medium

Smart Nodes

Positive, bright, electro-pop grooves with friendly melodies. Good for technology, industry, information update, data flow, messag...
3:17 Medium

Corporate Technology

Modern music for contemporary corporate and new media. Electronica soundscape with upbeat repetitive themes set against complex rh...
3:41 Medium

Facts And Figures

Usefull for TV, infomercials, quiz / poll / results type of productions.
0:35 Medium


Confident and positive soundtrack was made in a electronic general pop key. Will work well as a background for the broadcasting an...
2:50 Medium

Todays Outlook

Upbeat but fairly easy-going, bright and positive corporate, pop groove. Memorable, catchy piano melodies and sparkly synth arpegg...
2:09 Medium

Nowhere Dreams

Electronic, vocal composition. Optimistic, Bright, positive. The flight of dreams. Every your dream is coming true! General Backg...
2:02 Medium

Sunny Morning

Airy electronic track with synth, piano and arpegiators. Well suitable for any commercial projects- TV broadcasting news, business...
3:40 Medium