Rock It By Bugs Band

by Alex Khaskin
Imagine four bugs on the stadium playing big time rock concert!? Big guitars, solid rock grove, but there is a twist! They can sing too! Combination is irresistible! Funny, bizarre, sarcastic and much more


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: Alex Khaskin




: Salieri Music Publishing Inc (SOCAN)



: General Rock


: n/a


: Medium

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Hey There

Confident rock/dance with vocal samples
3:17 Fast

Quirkee Rock

As the name suggests, a somewhat quirky and odd, slamming blues-rock track. A slight retro feel, with guitars, drums and piano. 19...
1:49 Medium

Going Beyond

2:36 Medium

The Race (vocal Version)

A high energy pop-rock track with an immensely catchy chorus and a powerful driven guitar riff. Has attitude and groove while feat...
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A somewhat eclectic, quirky mix between electronic breakbeat and rock. Electric guitar rock licks combine with a funk / breakbeat ...
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Very positive track with a live guitars in bluesy rock-n-roll style. Nice solo of el drive guitar.
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Out Of Time

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Confident indie-rock strut. Good, powerful drive, with drums, bass and multiple electric guitars. Neo-punk / Alternative / Indie r...
3:05 Fast

Ditry Energy

Meaty negative vibe modern rock / hiphop ala Linkin Park track with an infectious guitar riff and heavy drums
2:13 Medium

Fast Lane

Raw rock / Fast 'n Wild / Fun Sports: Fast Punk / Rock style, hard and confident. Nice for teen oriented material, jackass style v...
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