Love This Life

by Ilya Kaplan
Hopeful, positive and innocent melody slowly grows and matures in to dramatic crescendo.


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: Ilya Kaplan




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0:51 Slow

A Time Of Solace

A simple, tender piano/strings track which is packed full of emotion and a melancholic, yet somewhat hopeful feel. Great for roman...
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My Last Memories

A positive sentimental piano / strings piece a vibe of feels like hope, memories, childhood
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My Life

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Dances With Barry

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At First

At First Sight. Title says it’s all. Tender and touching, romantic acoustic track. Loving, heartening, emotional and longing. Su...
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My Father

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Summer Sea

Very gentle and romantic Bossa Nova. Will work well as video background about romantic vacation, restourant cafee advertisement, r...
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Romantic soundtrack was made in an orchestra key featuring piano, ac. guitar, string section, woodwind etc. Very tender and gentle...
2:23 Slow

Love Me

Sensitive, thoughtful, piano and strings.
3:08 Slow