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Alex Khaskin

Catch Me If You Can

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2:07 0:00
Funny, freaky, bizarre, suspenseful, tempo driven comedy/animation track.




: Salieri Music Publishing Inc (SOCAN)

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: Alex Khaskin

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Name Tempo

Unfortunate Ending 1

0:52 Very fast
$ 21.95

Rat Race

Big, fast, loud and funny. Full orchestra accented with the crisp sound of a xylophone, piccolo and piccolo trumpet.
0:51 Very fast
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Running Naked

Animated and unique sounds. Suspenseful, funny, freaky, bizarre, tempo driven.
0:43 Fast
$ 17.95

Texas Toast

2:40 Very fast
$ 34.95

Ufo Attack

1:44 Fast
$ 34.95

A Bug's Life

High energy tempo, with funny vocal, big orchestral adventure.
1:03 Fast
$ 24.95

Lunch Break In High School

Funny and freaky track.
1:39 Medium
$ 34.95

Ska Town Shimmy

Fun loving, summery and inclusive. Fast-paced and catchy, it makes this easy and cheerful. The organs, guitars, bass, percussion a...
2:09 Fast
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Electro Swing

A very new genre of music that blends old-time swing jazz with modern EDM beats. Extremely fresh and exciting.
2:29 Fast
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Funny Chase

0:59 Fast
$ 21.95

Strange Bar

You've just walked into a very strange bar. There is some strange "jazz" or something going on. It's kinda weird and kinda funky. ...
0:32 Medium
$ 17.95

Oh My God!

This song sounded kind of like somebody is freaking out so I called it Oh My God! I'm imagining someone in the kitchen and they di...
0:29 Fast
$ 11.95


High energy tempo, with funny vocal, bizarre
0:26 Fast
$ 11.95

Me And My Strange Toy

1:07 Medium
$ 27.95

Opening Theme

Very uplifting comedy tracks.
0:35 Fast
$ 17.95

No Fear

0:53 Medium
$ 21.95

No Way

0:39 Fast
$ 17.95

Unexpected Guest

0:37 Medium
$ 17.95

Give It To Me

0:30 Medium
$ 17.95

Another Lovely Day

A witty, bouncy uptempo orchestral overture with twittering flutes, brassy horns and pizzicato cellos. A variety of happy and sad ...
2:06 Fast
$ 34.95