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Erik Haddad


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A busy, dazzling electronic new age instrumental with a captivating and inquisitive mood. Great for science, sci-fi, nature, etc.
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: Erik Haddad (BMI)

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: Electronica


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A dreamy and serene new age instrumental that blends atmospheric synthesizers with sparse cello and violin notes. Very peaceful wi...
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Cloud Three

A spacey, synthy track with a distant, ambient groove. Swirling pads and leads create a pleasant vibe.
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Hydropoetry Cathedra

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Dreamy synth based track. Wide, dreamy synths and slowly shimmering pads, over big, laid back drums.
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Simple, electronic track. Great for weather reports, statistics, analytics, stock market, announcements. Flawless, transparent pro...
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Love Shelter

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Deep Signals

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Nordic Geometries 24bit

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Computer Network

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