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This composition with light playful and positive easy funny electro-melodies. Contemplative and bright! It’s like a man is travelling, he isn’t think of anything!



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: ForteFill Studio


: Downtempo


: Neutral


: n/a


: Electronic instruments


: Medium

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Chilled Sunset

A warm and fuzzy chill-out track with a rather upbeat, but chilled mood. Nice string arrangements join in with a warm electric pia...
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Rich, vibrant and melodic synth-rock with lots of variation throughout. Vast, open sonic landscapes with pulsating synthesizers an...
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Out Of Silence

This synth, electronica track has a long intro part that builds up slowly towards a steady, mid-tempo electronica track Positive a...
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At Leasiure

Chillout, lounge, groovy and lazy / jazzy sounds. Melody line nice and easy to remember
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True Values

With determination and drive, highlighting the qualities of courage and positive performance. A deep piano melody with a string se...
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Anticipating With Confidence

A positive optimistic track with a hint of uncertainty. Modern synths, guitars, confident groove. When your eyes are set on the go...
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Also available without the vocal phrase. Suitable for projects related to modern technologies, business, futurism, robotics, cyber...
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Ya Man I'm Sad

A mid tempo sad track with modern and traditional reggae elements
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Get Up Here

A fun dance club hip-hop instrumental that makes you want to shake your rump. Lots of cool synthesizer sounds.
1:30 Medium
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A fun dance hip-hop instrumental with a quirky, stylish groove. Commercial style good for advertising, TV, promotional, etc.
1:30 Medium
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Searching For Pulse

A tense investigative vibe with a pulsing base line, ambient sound design and contemporary rhythms
2:36 Medium
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Black Eyed Beans

Contemporary quirky minimalistic track perfect for a modern reality show . Carries a careful yet almost comical tone
1:59 Medium
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Life On Drugs

A far out confused mood as if under the influence of drugs and or alcohol
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In Plain Sight

A brooding and intriguing modern documentary-styled instrumental with piano and bristling electronic elements. Somewhat dark and m...
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Downtempo electronica chill-out track with a slightly mechanical feel. Understated, with occasional melodic licks and harmonies. S...
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Shiny Things

Synthetic voice floats above a unique blend of glitchy beats & a cascading waterfall of sounds. Futuristic & operatic, a sense of ...
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Dilla Chill

Cool and laid back jazzy hip hop tune, with a strong influence by J Dilla and 90's rap. Hip Hop, Jazzy, Retro.
2:10 Medium
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Bloom In The Rain

Groovy, chilled and blissful. Featuring jazzy keys and smooth vocal FX.
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Percussive rhythms and undulating synths create a fresh and exotic, dark vibe well suited to post-apocalyptic scenes as well as te...
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Beijing Moon

A feel-good chillout electronica track with a slight Oriental or Chinese feel to it and trip-hop style drums.
6:53 Medium
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