Alex Khaskin

Going Up Up Up And Downhill

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$ 29 95
1:15 0:00


Content provider

: Alex Khaskin




: Salieri Music Publishing Inc (SOCAN)



: Comedy


: Suspense


: Cartoons


: Strings, Effects, Symphony orchestra


: Medium

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Spooky Adventure

Spooky and quirky comedy track made with orchestral sounds and theremin. Eerie / Cartoonish / Quirky.
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Mysterious Critters

Quirky pizzicato theme joined by percussion and strings. The type of incidental music sometimes used to illustrate housewives that...
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Chamber Of Secrets

Dark, cinematic and light suspense track made with chamber orchestra. No divided parts. Dark / Spooky / Eerie / Quirky.
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Comedic Christmas Tale

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Animation Danger

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No Fear

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Adventure Of Igor

Fun orchestral track. Playful and whimsical. Good for comedy adventure,circus, clowns or on-stage, kids show, animation and more.
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Give It To Me

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Is This A Sueprise

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Moment Of Tention

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Mission Impotsable

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Anxious, nervous, clock-ticking tension in this insistent piece. Strings and mallets play a nerve-wracking melody while the clocks...
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Mansion Of Mischief

A quirky and funny dark comedy track made with orchestra and cartoon percussion.
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Crazy Weirdo

A funny cartoon track composed of a collection of whacky, crazy and stupid sounds and bits. Perfect for the goofiest comedy.
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Unexpected Guest

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Waltz For Bug's

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Crazy And Peacefull

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French Bug

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Plain Stupid

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