Change Over Time

by David Flavin
Commercial sound - Synths, pads, guitar.


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: David Flavin




: FlavTunes (ASCAP)



: Drive Guitars / Riffs, Electronic


: Medium

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Going Beyond

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Groovy and confident pop-rock track.
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Determined and inspiring pop rock track. Great for motivational and goal oriented productions.
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Woodstock High

Uplifting, positive and driven pop-rock track. Uptempo, with multiple guitars and a catchy chorus parts. Great for youth drama, si...
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More Than Friends

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Pop Tv

Commercials, TV shows, youth culture, games and more. Similar to the style of X-Factor, Pop Idol, American Idol, various MTV sho...
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Girl From Down Under

Contemporary Rock tune with an optimistic, energetic Chorus and softer verses. Features a catchy guitar line, a sizzling guitar so...
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Here You Are

A long lost friend or lover is found again, a feeling of new happiness is defined by a simple, catchy guitar intro. The full band ...
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Public Announcement Two

Upbeat pop rock distorted electri guitar playing cmelodic power chords and funky wah guitar.
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Here We Come

Synths, guitars and drums combine to create a driving and upbeat pop/rock track with a purposeful feel. Refreshing, positive, ener...
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