Hands Down

by Exacttrax
Unique, simple, driving corporate track. A winner hands down. Positive message with guitar and piano. Road trip and traveling. Great promo for anything from company video and branding, to car commercial. Down to earth, raw. Indie. Relaxed, yet moving.


Content provider

: Exacttrax




: Tune It Up Publishing (ASCAP)



country, fun, moving, exciting, real, easy, sweet, relaxed, farm, country, bold, tough, american, usa, solid, cowboy, horse, ranch, roundup, fertilizer, cattle, sold, rugged, terrain, weather, free, happy, inspiring, lively, loving, meaningful, motivational, moving, outgoing, playful, positive, purposeful, repetitive, simple, spirited, successful, thankful, uplifting, vibrant, wholesome, green, tumbleweed, land, tractor, trailer, equipment, trustworthy, believe, good, reputation, reputable, honorable, integrity, true, plains, west, water, food, vegetables, grow, harvest, crop, acre, farming, farmstead, stead, bull, riding, gallop, character, realize, tangible, best, gamble, gambling, test, vehicle, ride, driven, attitude, ego, confident, future, climate, sunny, bright, punchy, game, wild, cactus, vitamins, manly, hero, carpentry, making, creating, create, make, sales, sell, absolute, vote, voting, crafty, tools, unbreakable, strong, remember, celebrate, honor, recognize, safe, visualize, recommend, seek, find, stuff, toys, truck, durable, dependable, satisfied, satisfy, love, romantic, romance, distinguished, distinct, time, great, gear, grand, live, life, sensible, practical, big, patriotic, real, done, finished, competitive, competition, contest, winner, find, cool, home, hometown, parents, family, child, relatives, people, help, give, giving, serve, serving, community, world, reach, potential, hard working, loyal, consistent, lasting, forever, now, done, backwoods, folksy, club, bar, lounge, family, teen, film instrumental, party, general credits, achievement, bright, casual, every day, confident, determined, discovery, driving, easy, energetic, playful, optimistic, lively, light, joyful, motivational, inspirational, hopeful, happy, fun, positive, proud, searching, sincere, uplifting, wholesome, moving, real, sweet, folk, grassroots, home, ranch, genuine, true, committed, fresh, new, encouraging, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, piano, synthesizer, 2000s, medium

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