Hard To Find

by Exacttrax
Summer fun and sun! This track really rocks a positive message. Could be used in a teen movie. Perfect for a song bed for lyrics. Beach party. Road trip. Ocean waves and sunshine. Innocent, playful and youthful. Going on vacation, or Spring break.


Content provider

: Exacttrax




: Tune It Up Publishing (ASCAP)



surf, surfing, sand, waves, wind, seashore, seashells, salt water, bouncy, bright, cheerful, happy, confident, determined, driving, energetic, festive, playful, optimistic, lively, light, joyful, motivational, inspirational, hopeful, happy, fun, positive, sincere, travel, uplifting, wholesome, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, electric organ, piano, drums, synthesiser, strings, 2000s, sunburn, sailing, boating, bonfire, celebrate, graduation, exciting, young, fresh, new, juvenile, diving, medium tempo, dancing, driving, excited, festive, fun, happy, hopeful, innocent, inspiring, joyful, lively, motivational, optimistic, outgoing, playful, purposeful, rousing, spirited, successful, uplifting, comedy, family, corporate, drama, tweens and teens, dramatic soundtrack, teen, beach party, radio production, road trip, tropical, tv instrumental

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