A New Generation

by Exacttrax
Exhilarating guitar track with a simple melodic line. Commercial for cars and trains. Road trip. Discovery channel. Running through the streets and having a great time. Lets party and celebrate together. Fast pace and loving life. No regrets.


Content provider

: Exacttrax




: Tune It Up Publishing (ASCAP)



chance, live, branding, travel, tennis shoes, footwear, sports, driving, jogging, racing, finishing, health, viagra, vitamins, drugs, boating, outdoors, traveling, freedom, fixated, church, determined, adventurous, anticipating, confident, energetic, excited, free, fun, happy, honest, hopeful, inspiring, joyful, lively, meaningful, motivational, spirited, stimulating, successful, thankful, uplifting, fun, positive, corporate, department store, aggressive, bright, cheerful, happy, confident, energetic, optimistic, lively, joyful, motivational, inspirational, high tech, hopeful, powerful, positive, proud, searching, wholesome, wind, excited, fresh, new, modern, progressive, unlimited, drums, bass guitar, electric, synthesizer, strings, piano, 2000s, green, medium tempo, coldplay, lions of leon, rigorous, committed, flagrant, choose, fight, stand up for, support, cause, create, innovative, current, past, present, future, party, enjoying, go, relentless, productive, enforcing, enforce, feel, edge, close, pushing forward, target, eying, planning, pressure, wisely, interpret, decisive, influenced, precise, influential, giving, give, efficient, vegetables, fruit, cooking, bake, network, medicine, shot drink, eat, merry, celebration, celebrate, ageless, youth, young, wielding, winning, competing, compete, slack

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