Skip Peck

The Voyager

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Pioneer, torchbearer, trailblazer, suspenseful in a lighthearted way.


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: Skip Peck


: (BMI)


: Skip Peck Music (BMI)



: Retro


: Piano


: Medium

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Rag Doll

Fast, lively Piano Blues, Historical sounding, with elements of Blues, Ragtime, Swing and Jazz, Full band enters later,
1:42 Fast $34.95

Fakahatchee Rag

3:01 Medium $34.95

New Strides

Piano playing '"stride" style.
2:00 Medium $34.95

The Mighty Oak

Strong and determined, smug, high achiever.
3:13 Medium $34.95

Shuffle Off

Driving, raw blues-rock shuffle.
2:44 Medium $34.95

Please Be Kind

Sweet and charming, old-style Jazz in Gypsy Swing style. Feelgood and light hearted.
3:32 Medium $34.95

Leroys Blues

Raw blues. Acoustic slide guitar over piano bass & drums. Pulp feel.
2:05 Medium $34.95

A Geometric Possibility

A Jazz funk tune filled with energy and purpose with piano, acoustic bass, ukulele, harmonica and drums.
3:05 Medium $34.95

Bad Ass Boogie

Classic rock'n roll / blues / boogie track, Retro / 1950's, All-American Diner style rockabilly, Starts off with just piano, Guita...
3:26 Medium $34.95

The Prognosticator

Fair warning given, soothsayer, forecast of things to come
3:31 Medium $34.95


Cute and quirky, this 1920's clarinet-based cue is fast-paced and comedic. Superb for comedy, dramedy, children's shows and period...
1:49 Medium $34.95


Definite, purposeful, determined, man about town.
4:42 Medium $34.95


Bubbly, bouncy & bright tune. Hopeful and energetic.
4:09 Medium $34.95

The Coffee Club Rag

Keystone Cops, madcap adventure, fun buffoonery, good times!
3:20 Medium $34.95

The Stay-at-home

Homebody, satisfied, content. As Dorothy said "There’s no place like home"...
3:53 Medium $34.95

A Women Of Paris

Smooth mid-tempo, small Dixieland ensemble with clarnet and slide trumpet duets. excellent for openers, transitions, travel & holi...
2:19 Medium $34.95

Straw Hat

2:13 Medium $34.95

Maple Leaf Rag

Scott Joplin's famous rag performed on an old out of tune piano. Evocative old saloon and silent movie/film sound.
2:51 Medium $34.95

Joplin The Entertainer

World-renowned ragtime of Scott Joplin's early 20th century. Atmosphere saloon. Piano bar. Very suitable for animation black and w...
2:39 Medium $34.95

How To

A jazzy, upbeat and positive underscore in the style of a 30's or 40's 'how to' film. A fun and catchy clarinet melody is compleme...
1:01 Medium $24.95