Until Now

by Erik Haddad
A mysteriously dreamy instrumental great for situations involving mystery, investigation, detective work, suspense, etc.


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: Erik Haddad


: (BMI)


: Erik Haddad (BMI)


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A beautiful flowing instrumental with cascading harp, wind chimes, etc. Creates a dreamy underwater feeling.
0:60 Medium

No One Knows

A pretty and melancholic modern orchestral instrumental.
2:04 Slow

New Approach

A confident and purposeful instrumental with light electronics and orchestral elements. Good for corporate/industrial, as well as ...
0:60 Medium


Thick lush piano chords give an expansive and mysterious feel. The whole piece has a sense of discovery and magical wonder.
3:34 Slow

Chain Reaction

A dramatic contemporary orchestral instrumental with a captivating buildup. Very beautiful and mysterious.
2:00 Fast


A Philip Glass styled brass/woodwinds/strings instrumental soundtrack. Very mysterious and haunting.
1:39 Slow

Urban Darkness series, Part 11

Melodic. Sweeping, varying intensity - strings, woodwinds, brass - thematic.
2:25 Slow

Epic Series: Epic 4 - Calm

2:11 Slow

Epic Series: Epic 6 - Calm

2:22 Slow

Epic Series: Epic 10

2:18 Slow