by Perfect Solution Music
Pianos and synth sounds with distinctive rhythm generate smooth, cool soul sound for general backing.


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: Perfect Solution Music


: (BMI)


: Perfect Solution Music (BMI)



: Easy Listening


: Electric Piano / Rhodes


: Slow

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Winter Alternative 6

3:06 Slow

Tiger Bay

3:31 Slow

In A Dream

Nice bossa track
3:57 Slow

Romantic Feel

Warm and elegant pop ballad with acoustic guitar solos and silky beats. Mid-tempo fresh and appealing, pleasant and positive roman...
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Rain Over Paris

Nice and romantic waltz in a Parisian style. Well suited for romantic movie projects, video background about visiting France and P...
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Spa Relaxation

Very relaxing and meditative soundtrack. Very suitable for spa and massage saloons and romantic projects too. Main tune is el pian...
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Love Bossa

Nice and gentle bossa nova made in romantic style. Jazz band Live guitar and solo flute.easy listening calm and beautiful.Good for...
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Romance Of Old Generations 2

Very romantic and melodic track.
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Christmas Waltz

Nice romantic classical waltz was made in an old tradition of this genre. Full symphonic orchestra,Christmas feelings.Also availab...
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New York Bossa Nova

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