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Piano melody with uplifting voice pads and bells. Medium tempo.


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: Perfect Solution Music


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: Perfect Solution Music (BMI)



: Positive, Neutral


: n/a


: Electric piano / Rhodes


: Medium

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L.A. Nights

West-coast, positive yet laid-back
1:28 Medium $34.95

Happy With Life

Pianos, guitars and synth sounds evoke subtle joyous feelings.
3:55 Medium $34.95

Next To You

1:41 Medium $34.95

Modern Flow

A steady, funky yet unobtrusive underscore to accompany any voice over video or presentation. Conveys a modern and slick feel.
1:19 Medium $29.95

Auld Lang Syne

New Year hip hop cover
2:25 Slow $34.95

Starry Eyes

Light romantic soul-pop. Electric pianos and vocal pads over soft accompaniment.
0:21 Medium $9.95

This Is Now

A delicate, downtempo Ambient-Pop track. Warm electric piano paves the way for a floating, slowly developing pads and grooves. Sim...
3:06 Medium $34.95

Just For The Experience

Acoustic guitar solo. Not staying around much in one place for too long.
2:15 Medium $34.95

Passing Through

Mid tempo underscore for thoughtful memories while traveling in the car
0:47 Medium $21.95

Hand Picked

Picked and strummed acoustic guitar duet.
2:31 Medium $34.95

What Goes Around

Easy motion, steady & positive
2:25 Medium $34.95

Lounge Living

Slick and groovy jazzfunk with rich arrangement, bass lines with plenty of attitude, and a lazy horn section on the chorus.
4:41 Medium $34.95

12 Cities

Smooth jazzy tune, nice melody with swing & groovy rhythm and slapping bass
3:49 Medium $34.95

Coming Back

1:03 Medium $24.95

School Days

Fender Rhodes electric piano, acoustic guitar, B-3 organ, drums; Elementary my dear! It’s jazzy fun kid blues stuff set to music.
3:21 Medium $34.95

Animation Random Funny

2:02 Medium $34.95

River story

1:59 Medium $34.95


1:58 Medium $34.95

For Future Reference

A driving minor key bossa nova with purpose
3:18 Medium $34.95


Laid back funk, a la "The Crusaders". Guitar top line, electric piano, bass & drums.
2:25 Medium $34.95