Childish Dreams

by ForteFill Studio


Content provider

: ForteFill Studio





: Children's


: Electronic


: Medium

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A cute and whimsical orchestral instrumental good for children's productions or anything with a sweet mood.
0:60 Medium

Meadow Dreams

2:07 Slow

Sweet Dreams

1:35 Slow

Close Your Eyes

Child's Lullaby sweet tones
3:40 Slow

All The Good Things

A cute children's instrumental in 3/4 with a unique synthetic flute, pizzicato orchestral strings, piano, percussion, etc. Wholeso...
1:33 Slow

Marble Cake

A sweet and comforting kid's pop instrumental with a playful, happy mood.
0:60 Medium

Gentle Touch

A touching and sweet instrumental track, great for children's productions. Feelings of comfort and joy.
0:60 Medium

Nice And Good

A sweet mid-tempo children's instrumental with a unique flute, piano, light percussion, mallets, pizzicato strings, etc. Great for...
2:06 Medium

Little Fish In A Big Pond

A sweet song with a piano and bells melody. Light percussion propels the music forward and the piano creates a mellow latin groove...
0:31 Medium

Tiny Tot's Christmas

Soft lullaby-style theme.
1:24 Slow