Mountain Lake

by LynneMusic
Lyrical recorder & cello in a Clannad and Enya tinged piece. The track starts off with a soft Celtic music theme. After about 1 min changes pace into a jolly forest dance, then returns to the opening theme, before closing with Enya-like voice textures.


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: LynneMusic




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fantasy, imagine, imagination, dream, rainbow, daydream, romance, love, passion, charm, myth, fairytale, castle, prince, princess, emotional, emotion, mysterious, mystical, scenic, holiday, abroad, travel, fresh, mountain, lake, river, landscape, countryside, magician, disney, elf, elves, sorcery, narnia, wizard, spells, dragons, sacred, dancing, fireside, camp, flute, enya, clannad, cello, wistful, reflection, melancholic, irish, ireland, gothic, atmosphere, atmospheric, enchanting, magical, pixies, elves, soft, celtic, medieval, medievil, dancing, forest, campfire, english, tavern, lake, lakes, mountains, mountain, rugged, scenery, enya, clannad, irish, scottish, scotland, ireland, romantic

Alternative mixes

  • Full Track
  • Variation A
  • Variation B
  • Loop A
  • Loop B
  • Loop C

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