Bond girl

by Simon Wolfe


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: Simon Wolfe


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The Old Frontier

3:18 Slow

The First Noel

An Irish flute and Highland pipe provide the melody over a light jazz waltz rhythm. Something different and unique - very classy.
2:45 Slow

Romance Of Old Generations 2

Very romantic and melodic track.
0:59 Slow

You'll never be mine

7:17 Slow

Yellow mountain

With a slightly oriental mood, where a purple lake live together with a yellow mountain, this soft and calming track features pan...
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The Magic Harp

Tells the story of a magic harp with a beautiful and delicate harp solo - very moving and expressive. An orchestra then accompanie...
2:52 Slow

Sad Strings

1:05 Slow

Dances With Barry

3:32 Slow

A Child

Soft, emotional, thoughtfull
2:38 Slow

At First Glance

Romantic, love story epic
3:09 Medium