For What It's Worth

by Exacttrax
Upbeat and positive track with piano lead. Nice melody. Similar in style to George Winston, or Bruce Hornsby. Great for background narrative for commercial, or branding. Positively emotional vibe. Laid back and encouraging. Smooth and even.


Content provider

: Exacttrax




: Tune It Up Publishing (ASCAP)



loving relational, elegant, romantic, innocent, inspiring, joyful, motivational, optimistic, playful, positive, purposeful, romantic, sincere, sweet, tender, thankful, thinking, thoughtful, touching, tranquil, uplifting, vibrant, warm, nice, nature, wedding, beautiful, romantic, loving, caring, gentle, achievement, bouncy, casual, confident, determined, discovery, dramatic, dreamy, energetic, playful, peaceful, beverage theme, adequate, helping, serve, choose, fun, love, romance, relationship, sunny, serving, choosing, bright, future, excited, exciting, safe, protecting, valuable, value, cherish, marriage, engagement, children, college, school, product, new, fresh, reliable, rehabilitate, hospital, patient, cure, curable, doctor, health, clinic, rehabilitating, charged, strong, secure, big, bold, brave, committed, life, lifelong, commitment, forever, eternal, eternity, heaven, religious, pure, purified, water, warm, flowing, church, service, fantastic, wonderful, beautiful, beauty, creation, nature, creative, create, god, sky, blue, clouds, weather, bible, christian, holy, godly, greatness, sacrifice, colorful, painting, landscape, mountains, ocean, breeze, waves, vacation, sun, stars, portrait, hopeful, anticipating, anticipate, adolescent, active, retired, retirement, insurance, live, extraordinary, common, typical, inviting, party, celebration, celebrate, proactive, planning, family, softly, tranquil, touring, road trip, ride, riding, breathe, air, glowing, clean, soap, furniture, john tesh

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