Royalty Free Unusual / Non-ordinary Music

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Psychedelic / Abstract, Soundscapes. Tense, Unreal, Ghostly, Suspense, Strange / Odd, Anxious, Unusual / Non-ordinary. Ambient textures, Effects. Horror, Thrillers, Mystery.
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An action soundtrack featuring organ, heavy electric guitars, drums and orchestra, with a big dose of vampirism and evilness thrown in. Darstardly and dark. Filmscore / Cinematic, Experimental Rock. Dynamic, Tense, Energetic, Dramatic, Danger, Heroic, Suspense, Anxious, Unusual / Non-ordinary. Strings, Brasses / Horns, Organ (classical), Electric Guitars, Symphony Orchestra. Adventure, Drama, Epic / Historical, Thrillers.

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Ambient Middle Eastern, Indian inspired track with tabla drum loop and exotic sexual reverse trance-like bass. Psychedelic / Abstract. Mysterious / Futuristic, Abstract, Hypnotic, Unusual / Non-ordinary. Ambient textures, Effects, World percussion. Documentary, Mystery.