Music by Skip Peck

Unusual, unconventional jazz piece that starts with a driving bass line and drums. After the melody there are solos that weave through & over one another, culminating back at the melody again. Marimba. Swing, Strange / Odd, Quirky / Bizarre, Piano, Flute, Percussive instruments, Marimba / Xylophone,
An orchestrated tango featuring flute, piano, strings, marimba and acoustic bass. Classical / Contemporary, Exciting, Strings, Flute,
A very ambiguous tune that leads you in many musical directions and leaves you a little unsettled and bewildered. Features piano, vibes and strings. Easy listening, Soft / Smooth, Romantic, Pleasant / Nice, Hopeful, Emotional, Strings, Piano, Flute, Romance / Melodrama,
A delightfully perky French walt. Easy listening, Romantic, Easy, Charmed, Piano, Accordion, Retro,
The feeling of loss never eases even with tim. Soft / Smooth jazz, Sad, Broken-Hearted, Piano, Jazz band,
Reflective and regretful this song is tender and loving with just a hint of hop. Soft / Smooth jazz, Love, Nostalgic, Hopeful, Gentle / Tender, Piano, Jazz band,
A very relaxed samba filled with confidence with piano, electric piano, guitar, bass and a cooking drummer. Latin, Latin jazz, Lively, Light, Happy, Exciting, Easy, Piano, Travel,
A cool groove with a very direct and to-the-point melody. Modern jazz, Groovy, Cool, Fresh, Piano, World percussion, Jazz band, Commercials / Daytime TV,
A Jazz funk tune filled with energy and purpose with piano, acoustic bass, ukulele, harmonica and drums. Sarcastic / Mocking, Lazy, Cool, Piano, Harmonica, Retro,
The name says it all. Suspicion is seeping into the very fabric of our lives. Conspiracy is seen in every scenario. Swing, Stylish, Respectable, Easy, Confident, Fresh, Piano, Jazz band, Retro, Commercials / Daytime TV,
Smooth Jazz- Brazilian style. Easy going melody glides on a southern breeze of hospitality. Bossa nova, Latin jazz, Light, Happy, Exciting, Romantic, Pleasant / Nice, Delight / Bliss, Easy, Friendly, Shining, Charmed, Piano, Flute, Jazz band, Romance / Melodrama, Retro,
An easygoing and mellow bossa nova with a tender and beautiful melod. Bossa nova, Light, Romantic, Easy, Piano, Romance / Melodrama,
A bubbly bossa nova full of life and hope featuring piano, steel drum, ukulele, bass and drums. Bossa nova, Latin jazz, Playful, Happy, Exciting, Friendly, Piano, Jazz band, Commercials / Daytime TV,
A questioning and fun samba with piano, guitar, bass, vibes and drums. Latin jazz, Lively, Bright, Happy, Friendly, Piano, Jazz band, Holiday / Party,
An adult contemporary smooth jazz tune with a very relaxed feel featuring flute, guitar, electric piano, bass, drums and percussion. Latin jazz, Easy, Hopeful, Piano, Jazz band, Romance / Melodrama,