Royalty Free Music by Michael Bozzo

Slow, simple, minimal and organic acoustic guitar melody. Images of trees in the forest or children at play. Easy Listening, Sad, Dreamy / Reflective, Soft / Smooth, Pensive / Thoughtful, Electric Guitars,
Dark distorted electric rock guitar with a middle eastern feel and driving bass guitar pedal point riff. Progressive Rock, Tense, Moving / Driving, Wary, Electric Guitars, Synthesizers, Crime / Gangster,
Dark, down heavy electric guitar metal song with driving drums. Features an odd guitar track that sounds like a jaw harp. Good for angry or tense action sequence or sports or extreme adventure scenes. Hard & Metal, Grunge, Dark, Danger, Drive Guitars / Riffs, Electric Guitars, Crime / Gangster, Thrillers,
Dark disturbing eerie soundscape. Features a ticking clock near the end of the track as "time is running out". Suitable for images of rain storms, thunder clouds, underwater, space, time travel, nightmares, dreams. Psychedelic / Abstract, Tense, Spatial, Abstract, Disturbed, Suspense, Ambient textures, Electronic, Thrillers, Documentary,
Psychedelic shrieking, sad layered electric guitars. Images of the earth from outer space, oceanic or aquatic life, a baby in the womb or a spaceship in flight. Psychedelic / Abstract, Mysterious / Futuristic, Tense, Spatial, Unreal, Abstract, Electric Guitars, Ambient textures, Documentary, Mystery,
  • Michael Bozzo
Fast (164bpm), heavy multi layered distorted guitar and drving drums. Suitable for images of extreme sports, cars, racing, intense action scenes. Hard & Metal, Impetuous / Impulsive, Crazed / Mad, Drive Guitars / Riffs, Action,
A robot conversational piece. Featuring bleeps, bwaps, blips, hits and smacks and a funky groove. Experimental, Electronica, Technologic / Scientific, Robotic, Electronic, Synthesizers, Sci-Fi / Tech,
Upbeat pop rock distorted electri guitar playing cmelodic power chords and funky wah guitar. General Rock, Heavy, Groovy, Anxious, Drive Guitars / Riffs, Electric Guitars, Drum Grooves, Commercials / Daytime TV,