Royalty Free Music by Ilya Kaplan

0:00 2:24
Upbeat track featuring drums bass Rhodes percussion vox , sax licks. Would fit a cocky self confident character showing off at every opportunity, smiling to the cameras with his platinum white smile and greasy slicked back hair , an armature learning to p
0:00 1:57
A 60's - 70's era rock and roll track with modern elements fast and aggressive drums guitars and effects perfect for a 1966 mustang driving.
0:00 1:52
This track perfectly reflects an intoxicated man stumbling out of a bar or pub in the middle of the night, and swaying side to side lazily dragging his tired heavy feet understanding only that his wife will make him sleep in the dog house...
0:00 2:41
A Somber evolving High Drone Slowly Evolving / Revolving space station
0:00 4:29
Dark sci-fi / horror / drama track. Nervous concerned unsettling tension. Concerned an atonal sounds cape and rhythmic elements combined with filmic sound design and accents carry a sense of Intense and profound fear
0:00 2:25
An upbeat, ambient, and technical track with a sense of positive information great for presentations and background music
0:00 3:13
A very relaxed jazzy tune. Very cool and laid - back brushed drum groove. Cocktails come straight to mind as well as the deco art era 1930's 40's. Sophisticated and luxurious. Jazz drums, upright bass piano strings vibraphone and smooth sax.
0:00 3:20
A dark apprehensive track. Scary sound design evolving high drones tense elements scary mood like a thief searching through a dark mysterious house

2 mixes


0:00 0:30
A perfect track for opening or ending an energetic modern sequence, conviniently produced to work as a 15 and 30 seconds or looped
0:00 2:01
A very friendly slow track. As if waiting for something or someone imagine raindrops rolling down the glass window. Features ambient bells evolving pad muted trumpet and other sound design.