Royalty Free Music by David Flavin

Melodic uplifting ballad - Piano/guita. Ballads, Unhurried, Neutral, Easy, Piano, Electric Guitars,
Industrial track with multi layers of percussion, synth pads, guitars and drums. Moving and building to a string climax. Industrial, Downtempo, Aggressive, Dark, Danger, Heavy, Pulsing, Electric Guitars, Electronic, Synthesizers, Crime / Gangster, Thrillers,
Guitar U2, Coldplay sound! Powerful, motivational corporate sounding track. Very uplifting, light and inspiring pop rock style. Great for network, news and TV. Positive and fun. Rhythmic, industrial. Hard work, sell. Pop Rock, Optimistic, Positive, Electric Guitars, Rock Band, Business / Corporate, Infomercials, Commercials / TV themes,
  • 2:15
  • 60sec
  • 30sec
  • 15sec
Circus merry go round music with the feeling of being at a circus. Authentic calliope and accordian sound. Wonderful track for a project dealing with fairs, carnivals, amusement parks, carousals, organ grinders or similar needs. Children's / Kids, Playful, Easy, Organ, Tuba, Accordion, Children's, Retro,