Royalty Free Music by Alex Khaskin

A real charming, happy, film soundtrack music piece, in the style of, say, the 'Home Alone' movies etc. Feelgood, playful, fun, whimsical melodies, classical orchestration. Children's / Kids, Christmas Music, Funny, Lively, Joyful, Playful, Happy, Bouncy, Quirky / Bizarre, Strings, Percussive Instruments, Pizzicato, Comedy / Humour / Sitcom, Children's, Cartoons,
Orchestra, synthesizers, and driving drums build and then meld in a dramatic, tension building, fast paced action music cue - the chase is on. Filmscore / Cinematic, Mysterious / Futuristic, Secret, Dramatic, Danger, Suspense, Piano, Electronic, Big Drums, Adventure, Documentary, Mystery,
This very dark film or TV drama underscore cue builds slowly in tension, but keeps a steady ticking pattern throughout. Subtle screeching metals and a nervous, repetitive rhythm make for a very unsettling, pensive wait. Psychedelic / Abstract, Dark, Drama, Horror,
A very tender a delicate composition with gentle piano and sweet strings. Soft, frail and pretty. Sparse piano notes like raindrops on the water. Beauty, innocence, like an angel or a single flower in sprin. Ambient / New Age, Dreamy / Reflective, Soft / Smooth, Peaceful / Calm, Piano, Percussive Instruments, Mystery,
  • Alex Khaskin
Sunny light, relaxing music track. Good positive energy, layback attitude. Brushed drums, vibraphone, strings, acoustic bass. Chillout / Lounge, Easy Listening, Light, Soft / Smooth, Romantic, Relaxing, Easy, Strings, Piano, Vibraphone, Romance / Melodrama,
An ambient film soundtrack cue with a very mysterious edge. Pensive, slowly moving soundscape, like hiding, sneaking, or breaking and entering. A subtle rhythmic element enters about half way through along with a deep dron. Ambient / New Age, Mysterious / Futuristic, Spatial, Suspense, Strings, Harp, Mystery,