Winter Alternative 6

by Guy Zerafa


Content provider

: Guy Zerafa




: Zerafa Music Inc. (SOCAN)


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Romance Of Old Generations 2

Very romantic and melodic track.
0:59 Slow

Letting Go

2:17 Slow

You'll never be mine

7:17 Slow

Alice is dreaming

Very soft and tender contemporary classical waltz.
1:49 Slow

Nearest And Dearest

A strong piano melody is ably supported and accompanied by a full but subdued orchestral and drum backing allowing the tune to tak...
2:36 Slow


0:51 Slow

Romance Of Old Generations 1

0:60 Slow

A Child

Soft, emotional, thoughtfull
2:38 Slow

Sad Strings

1:05 Slow

A Dinner in a Castle

Melodic, stately, romantic. Like an old English mansion, suitable for royalty or period drama.
1:52 Slow