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Electro Rock


  80'S REVENGE (by LynneMusic)
A pumping, chopped-up, mashed-up, grinding and gritty Rock, Electro crossover. Sizzling and thumping beats, as though just about to burst out. Biting hard guitar chops and industrial style synth bass. At breaking point, stuttering and pulsating. Industrial, Electro Rock, Hardbeat. Aggressive, Crazed / Mad, Tense, Determined, Energetic, Mechanical. Drive Guitars / Riffs, Synth Bass, Drum Grooves, Synthesizers. Action, Sports, Crime / Gangster.
Score: 5.00
Votes: 2
Play Stock Music Full Track 3:18 Fast $34.95 Download free demo    Buy Royalty Free license
Variation 3:18 Fast $34.95    
60sec 1:02 Fast $24.95    
30sec 0:32 Fast $17.95    
Loop A 0:15 Fast $9.95    
Loop B 0:30 Fast $17.95    
Loop C 0:30 Fast $17.95    
Loop D 0:15 Fast $9.95    
Stinger/Ident A 0:09 Fast $7.95    
Stinger/Ident B 0:11 Fast $9.95    
Stinger/Ident C 0:04 Fast $7.95    
Stinger/Ident D 0:07 Fast $7.95    
Stinger/Ident E 0:06 Fast $7.95    
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  ELECTRO VISION (by LynneMusic)
Somewhere between pop, rock and electronic dance music, this up-front, bright and brash track packs a lot of energy and funky fizz. Good for exciting media, TV, pop, youth culture, exercise, workout and much more. Energetic, Determined. Electro Rock. Determined, Moving / Driving, Groovy, Confident. Drive Guitars / Riffs, Synthesizers, Drum Machine. Teen / Pop Culture.
Score: 5.00
Votes: 1
Play Stock Music Full Track 3:13 Medium $34.95 Download free demo    Buy Royalty Free license
Variation 3:13 Medium $34.95    
60sec A 0:60 Medium $24.95    
60sec B 1:02 Medium $24.95    
30sec A 0:30 Medium $17.95    
30sec B 0:31 Medium $17.95    
Loop A 0:21 Medium $9.95    
Loop B 0:28 Medium $11.95    
Loop C 0:18 Medium $9.95    
Loop D 0:28 Medium $11.95    
Stinger/Ident A 0:11 Medium $9.95    
Stinger/Ident B 0:12 Medium $9.95    
Stinger/Ident C 0:06 Medium $7.95    
Stinger/Ident D 0:16 Medium $9.95    
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  DROP THAT BEAT (by LynneMusic)
A funky mix of Electronica and Rock, oozing with attitude and confidence. Synth- and guitar patterns with funky drums. High energy but in a controlled way. Uptempo, fresh, a little bit bad, spiteful. Good for sports, fashion and much more. Electro Rock. Determined, Energetic, Moving / Driving, Confident. Electric Guitars, Drum Grooves, Synthesizers. Sports, Fashion / Style.
Score: 4.50
Votes: 4
Play Stock Music Full Track 2:32 Fast $34.95 Download free demo    Buy Royalty Free license
Variation A 0:30 Fast $17.95    
Variation B 0:30 Fast $17.95    
Variation C 1:01 Fast $24.95    
Variation D 1:01 Fast $24.95    
Variation E 2:32 Fast $34.95    
Loop A 0:32 Fast $17.95    
Loop B 0:32 Fast $17.95    
Loop C 0:16 Fast $9.95    
Stinger/Ident A 0:08 Fast $7.95    
Stinger/Ident B 0:07 Fast $7.95    
Stinger/Ident C 0:08 Fast $7.95    
Stinger/Ident D 0:08 Fast $7.95    
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